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Order deadlines? Please plan on a 10-14 business day order to delivery timeline. (Please keep in mind that we have tens of thousands of people going through Rooted this fall. Requests for expedited shipping or rushed delivery are not being fulfilled at this time. If you find yourself ordering late, please visit the website and print the week 1 sample for participants who may be without their books on week 1. If you require a week 1 sample for the Facilitator guide- please email Cheryl Ellis at

East Coast Orders? East coast shipments often utilize the full 10-14 days for delivery (listed above)- weather permitting. We suggest you order your books 3 weeks before you need them to ensure delivery in time.

Returns? Please order what you need, or hold on to extra’s for your next session! We have a limited return policy and returns are not guaranteed.

International orders? Please contact us directly for correct international shipping costs and logistics. For any questions regarding your order, please email Cheryl Ellis at