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Effective Discipleship Is Experiential

Published by Brandon Hiltibidal on May 29, 2023

  For the last few weeks on the blog, we’ve been considering some often overlooked aspects of discipleship in the early church. Perhaps the most often overlooked aspect of discipleship from Acts 2 is that fact that  Effective...

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Effective Discipleship Has 7 Rhythms

Published by Brandon Hiltibidal on May 21, 2023

“A goal without a plan is just a wish,” is a quote I often share from a guy whose name I can’t pronounce (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). It can be sad, motivating, or affirming, depending on the context in which it is shared, but leaders of...

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Effective Discipleship Includes Church-Wide Rhythms

Published by Brandon Hiltibidal on May 15, 2023

Church-wide discipleship rhythms have a compounding effect. While many things in life get weaker or worse the longer they go on, corporate discipleship grows stronger and sweeter. For example, I love Mega Stuf Oreos. Sometimes it's a problem....

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4 Steps Toward Year-Round Discipleship

Published by Jeremy Maxfield on March 19, 2023

You’ve heard (and maybe said) things like “following Jesus isn’t just a Sunday morning event—it’s a year-round commitment.” But I’ve been challenged to consider what our ministry year subtly communicates to people. For example, is...

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How to Make Evangelism More Normal in Your Church

Published by Rooted Network on January 30, 2023

When you read the Book of Acts, you see that sharing Christ was as much a daily part of the lives of believers then as texting on a cell phone is today. But today, in most churches, evangelism is occasional at best. How...

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Family Discipleship: Instruction and Identity

Published by Rooted Network on January 8, 2023

Parents love imperatives. I know I do. Just take a close look at the parenting vocabulary and you’ll find it riddled with imperatives: “Eat your broccoli.” “Don’t hit your sister.” “Quit setting the dog on fire.” That...

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Stop Running from Rest

Published by Rooted Network on July 5, 2022

What everyone wants is the very thing that we need more than we realize. Rest. True biblical rest. A real break from the weight and pressure of life and work. It’s interesting, though, that we run from rest, the very thing we want and...

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The Rhythm of Worship

Published by Jessica Ludwig on April 5, 2022

“They ate their food with joyful and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.” - Acts 2:46-47 As children of God, it is important to consistently set aside time to remember what God has done, to thank Him for...

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The Secret of Storytelling

Published by Rooted Network on March 30, 2022

“I want to be a storyteller.” I had just kicked off a year-long fellowship with the goal of learning about Storytelling in the business world so I could apply what I learned in ministry. And this was the goal I shared in every e-mail, phone...

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The Rhythm of Share Your Story

Published by Rooted Network on March 28, 2022

Peter responds to the crowd’s doubts and questions with the Gospel story; it is so compelling that they were “cut to the heart” and asked how they could respond to the Gospel - Acts 2:14-36 Think back to the first person who shared the...

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