We are in the process of developing additional resources to best support churches on their journey to launch Rooted and our new website is a great place to start.

If you are ready for more, the Starter Kit is your next step. The following resources are included:

Facilitator Training Materials & Videos • Rooted Experiences Training • Week 1: What is Rooted? Speaking Notes & Video • Week 8: What Does God Say About Giving? Speaking Notes & Video • Celebration Video • Marketing Collateral Package • Two 1 hour coaching calls with a Rooted Coach • Digital Resources at www.experiencerooted.com


We have designed four coaching modules to equip your leaders and key stakeholders to maximize their impact through Rooted, all facilitated in your context. The four modules are:


Rooted Vision and Strategy

This training is designed for key leaders to answer two questions: What is unique about Rooted?  How does it impact your church?  Rooted is designed to impact church growth, create momentum, clarity and real transformation in your people.


Preparing to Launch

Ready to launch Rooted? This training focuses on all the details of successfully launching Rooted in the church.  From registration, building groups, recruiting facilitators, to the celebration… this will help you walk through preparing your team.


Equipping Rooted Facilitators

One of the critical components of Rooted is training the facilitators. Our coaches are Rooted Practitioners that can train all your leaders to ensure a successful launch and to help them get excited about the new vision for discipleship in the church.


Maintaining Momentum

Looking Beyond Rooted We often say launching Rooted is the easy part. The real excitement is the momentum that is created with a simple discipleship pathway. This training helps you think past the 10 weeks of Rooted and focuses on building a long-term strategy for how this will impact your church.


For more information, or to schedule an on-site training with our team, please contact coaching@experiencerooted.com for more information.