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The Life In Rhythm Leader Guide is essential for each group leader as they guide the group to explore, discuss and live out God’s design for work and family. It is a tool to help the group integrate Rooted 7 Rhythms into their group life beyond the Rooted experience. See below for further details.

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Order a Workbook for each participant and Leader Guide for each leader.

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A ten-week small group experience designed to help individuals integrate the 7 Rhythms of a Disciple into the two spheres in which we spend most of our lives – work and relationships.


  • Follow-up product for Rooted groups that become small groups
  • Follows the Rooted framework
    • 10 weeks
    • 7 Rhythms
    • 5 devotionals per week + daily reflection questions
    • 4 personal exercises (new)
    • 3 risk experiences (2 Prayer, 1 Serve)
    • 1 breaking strongholds 
  • Accompanying Leader Guide

Content Flow

Weeks 1-5 weeks focus on work and Weeks 6-10 focus on relationships – this was intentional to allow people to warm up in their group around a topic that is more public (work) before we get to a more personal conversation around family background and ongoing relationships.

Week 1 | Setting the Table/Intro
Week 2 | God’s Design For Work
Week 3 | Broken and Restored
Week 4 | Why We Work + Giving Adventure, Work Mission Statement, Work Prayer Experience
Week 5 | Rest
Week 6 | God’s Design for Relationships + Serve Experience
Week 7 | How to Live In Loving Relationships
Week 8 | Relational Wounds
Week 9 | Relational Values + My 5 Relational Values, Home Prayer Experience
Week 10 | Relational Discipleship + Celebration: Story Guide


  • Life in Rhythm is a great follow up to Rooted, but it is not intended to be hosted in the same way or for the same purpose as Rooted.
  • Ideal (but not exclusively) for married couples, Life in Rhythm has been updated to include a broader scope of relationships for people in various life stages.
  • We recommend that small groups who have already been through Rooted go through Life In Rhythm to build on the foundation laid by Rooted of open conversation, practicing the 7 Rhythms, and risk-based experiential discipleship. 
  • No corporate experiences—everything is done within the small group. A church could create corporate gatherings if they wanted, but we tried to make this as easy as possible to hand to a small group leader and empower them to lead.
  • Additional personal exercises to help individuals prepare for risk experiences
    • Giving Adventure is a personal exercise and commitment to giving above and beyond what you’ve planned/expected and asking God how He wants you to steward what He has provided for you in these next three months
    • Fill out your Work Mission Statement before your Work Prayer Experience so you can pray those into your work
    • Fill out My 5 Family Values before your Family Prayer Experience so you can pray those over your home

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