Rooted Pilot Kit


Do you want to launch Rooted at your church? Or maybe just figure out if Rooted is even right for your community? Well, in either case, your first step is to run a pilot group.

The pilot will show you how Rooted works, and be a catalyzing experience for the future course of your church. It will help you engage decision-makers and key influencers by inviting them to experience first-hand the power and growth potential of Rooted. And it will clarify the questions and action steps you need to take to implement Rooted successfully.

The Pilot Kit includes 15 Rooted Workbooks, 2 Rooted Facilitator Guides and access to Online Pilot Training sessions.

Rooted Workbook × 15

We are now shipping the 3.0 Rooted workbook. This updated version includes:
  • Grammatical edits
  • Updated statistics (i.e. financial debt in the US)
  • 7 Rhythms changes (see description below).

Please note: We can only fulfill orders placed directly by a church staff member. We will not be fulfilling orders for individual participants or volunteer leaders at this time. If you are a participant, facilitator, or group leader, please contact your church (administrator/pastor) about how to receive a physical copy of your Rooted Materials.

We are excited to continue making Rooted resources better and more effective for your discipleship pathway!

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Rooted Facilitator Guide × 2

The Rooted Facilitator Guide is the supporting material for individual facilitators of Rooted groups. Included are tips and suggestions for leading a group and facilitating Rooted successfully.

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This Pilot Kit includes:

Support of a Rooted Coach
We encourage all churches purchasing a Pilot Kit to work with a coach on how to best begin implementing Rooted. When you purchase a Pilot Kit we will connect you with a Rooted expert who would love to help get you started!

Access to Online Pilot Training Sessions
We’ve made our pilot training available online and believe it will equip you to successfully run a pilot at your church. Pull in the team members who will be supporting you in this process and dive into the sessions at your own pace.

Access to resources to guide your team throughout the 10 weeks
15 Rooted Workbooks
2 Rooted Facilitator Guides

  • Purchase Note: We recommend ordering the exact number of books you will need, as we have a restricted return and refund policy. 

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