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We are now shipping the 3.0 Rooted workbook. This updated version includes:
  • Grammatical edits
  • Updated statistics (i.e. financial debt in the US)
  • 7 Rhythms changes (see description below).

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We are excited to continue making Rooted resources better and more effective for your discipleship pathway!

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Two of the 7 Rhythms have been changed to better express healthy rhythms of discipleship the Church is called to practice

Freedom from Strongholds is now REPENTANCE (Acts 2:37-39)Here’s why:
  • We believe we don’t actually practice freedom from strongholds – it’s a gift given by God and received by people when we repent
  • Repentance encompasses confession, surrender, turning away from sin to the freedom and life Jesus offers.
  • Followers of Jesus are called, specifically, to practice this rhythm throughout the Bible.
Celebration is now WORSHIP (Acts 2:26-28, 46-47). Here’s why:
  • We want to call people to a broader rhythm of “worship” in all circumstances of their lives.
  • Celebration is one expression of worship – you can worship with a glad and sincere heart. You can also worship in times of mourning, pain, and suffering.
  • The focus of celebration can be on both people and God. While this is great as a Rooted event, we want to direct people to God-centered worship as a rhythm in daily life.

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