The Story of God – Teaching Videos (Streaming)


The Story of God is an 8-week, group-discipleship resource exploring the overarching redemptive narrative of the Bible. Participants will discover the story of Jesus on every page of Scripture and how to live as part of that story. This chronological journey from Genesis to Revelation will remove the intimidation factor of reading the Bible and replace it with a passionate understanding of day-to-day life as a follower of Jesus. As with all Rooted Network resources, The Story of God is built around the 7 Rhythms of a disciple and includes experiential learning opportunities.

Video-teaching by author, Eric Geiger, will lead participants to a better knowledge and love of God’s word.

  • 8 weekly group experiences incorporate 25-minute teaching videos and group discussion
  • Video-teaching is watched during the group experience or watched by leaders in advance as preparation for facilitating the group themselves
  • Accompanying workbooks include four days of personal daily devotions and one day of reflection to be completed ahead of each group experience

Video Streaming is available by purchasing a license for each leader needing access.

  • Purchase access for each leader
  • No expiration date on access
  • Purchases are non-refundable

Video Streaming is available in a separate online store from workbooks and requires a separate transaction. Click “Buy Access in Digital Hub” and follow screen prompts to purchase and distribute content to leaders.

Accompanying workbook available in print and digital format.

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  • 8-week study utilizing participant workbook
    • Option to extend to 10 weeks. “Week 0” can be for groups to gather and pass out workbooks in order for participants to study before gathering for Week 1. In addition, the final experience after Week 8 can be an additional week to gather together.
  • Video-teaching (25 minutes per session) – Streaming access available in Rooted Network Digital Hub

Workbook includes

  • Leader notes
  • Group discussion questions
  • 4 days of devotional-style reading (before group discussion)
  • 2 Discipleship experiences
  • Supplemental resources (charts, definitions, quotes, suggestions for deeper study)

Weekly Sessions

  1. Creation & Fall
  2. Promise & A People
  3. Rescue & Law
  4. Land & Kingdom
         Experience: Break the Cycle (Rhythm: Repentance & Breaking Strongholds)
  5. Exile & Return
  6. Jesus
  7. A New People
  8. A Better Beginning
         Experience: Join the Story (Rhythm: Share Your Story)

Accompanying workbook available in print and digital format.

Download free sample today! 

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