Theology and the Mission of God – Teaching Videos (DVD)


Deep Dive is a new series of Bible Study resources that take core theological truths and make them accessible for everyone. Theology and the Mission of God is an 8-week, group-discipleship experience focused on the study and application of core doctrines of the Christian faith.

  • 8 weekly group experiences incorporate 25-minute teaching video and group discussion
  • Essential video teaching watched during the group experience or watched by leaders in advance as preparation for teaching the group themselves
  • Accompanying workbooks include four days of personal daily devotions and one day of reflection to be completed ahead of each group experience
  • Workbooks include teaching outline with guided questions for leaders to facilitate the group experience
  • Two experiences following weeks 5 and 8 to deepen the discipleship journey for group members

Purchase a DVD for each group studying Theology and the Mission of God.

Video Streaming is available as a different format for video teaching by purchasing a license for each leader needing access.

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Weekly sessions: (average 25 minutes in length)

1. We Love God the Father (Theology)
2. We Love God the Son (Christology)
3. We Love God the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
4. We Love God’s Word (Revelation/Bibliology)
5. We Love God’s World (Creation/Anthropology)
6. We Love the Gospel of God (Soteriology)
7. We Love the People of God (Ecclesiology)
8. We Love the Mission of God (Missiology)

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