Theology and the Mission of God | Rent Video Streaming


Deep Dive is a new series of Bible Study resources that take core theological truths and make them accessible for everyone. Theology and the Mission of God is an 8-week, group-discipleship experience focused on the study and application of core doctrines of the Christian faith.

  • 8 weekly group experiences incorporate 25-minute teaching video and group discussion
  • Essential video teaching watched during the group experience or watched by leaders in advance as preparation for teaching the group themselves
  • Accompanying workbooks include four days of personal daily devotions and one day of reflection to be completed ahead of each group experience
  • Workbooks include teaching outline with guided questions for leaders to facilitate the group experience
  • Two experiences following weeks 5 and 8 to deepen the discipleship journey for group members

Video Streaming is available by purchasing a license for each leader needing access.

  • Price per leader grants 120 days of access to content from date of purchase
  • Licenses are non-refundable

Video Streaming is available in a separate online store from workbooks and requires a separate transaction. Click “Create License” and follow screen prompts to purchase and distribute content to leaders.

Theology and the Mission of God | DVD is available as a different format for video teaching by purchasing a copy for each group studying Theology and the Mission of God.


Weekly sessions (average 25-minutes in length):

1. We Love God the Father (Theology)
2. We Love God the Son (Christology)
3. We Love God the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
4. We Love God’s Word (Revelation/Bibliology)
5. We Love God’s World (Creation/Anthropology)
6. We Love the Gospel of God (Soteriology)
7. We Love the People of God (Ecclesiology)
8. We Love the Mission of God (Missiology)

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