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Three Reasons Rooted is the Best Environment for a Culture of Generosity

Generosity and sacrificial giving can be a sensitive topic for many. 

Preaching doesn’t always lead to growth and understanding, because many sitting in our services have their guard up when this topic comes up. A small group discussion doesn’t always lead to growth and understanding either. This really depends on how comfortable the small group leader is with unpacking the subject, and how aligned they are with the church’s teaching and expectations on the subject. But many churches have found the key to creating a culture of generosity. They have found the best environment to have this potentially difficult discussion. Want in on the secret? It’s the Rooted week 8 gathering. 

Rooted has been consistently reshaping church communities and fostering spiritual growth, including a profound sense of generosity among its participants. The secret? For the week leading up to the week 8 giving gathering, those going through Rooted are studying, reading Scripture, and praying about the topic of generosity. Allowing God time and space to speak to their hearts. Then, when they show up to the week 8 Rooted gathering, they hear a message on the church’s understanding of generosity, and then immediately have the opportunity to discuss it in the safe space of their Rooted group. So much about the Rooted experience helps build a culture of generosity, but here are three of the most prominent reasons Rooted works so well.

1. Biblical Community 

At the heart of Rooted is the commitment to creating Biblical community. Participants are brought together, not merely as individuals, but as a community beginning a shared journey of faith. This communal spirit, grown through intentional discussions and shared experiences, lays the groundwork for a culture of generosity. As relationships deepen, so does the sense of responsibility and care for one another. This communal bond grows a natural tendency towards generosity, a desire to support and contribute to the well-being and mission of the community.

2. Daily Devotions

Rooted encourages participants to reflect on Scripture to grow in their relationship with God, their church, and their purpose. Through guided discussions and daily devotions, individuals gain a better understanding of how they are blessed to be a blessing, and what that looks like lived out in the local church they are a part of. The daily devotions often lead to a shift in perspective, inspiring a generous spirit.

3. Culture of Generosity

Another of the most remarkable aspects of Rooted's influence is the effect of generosity that extends beyond the 10-week experience. As participants experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from generous living, they become testimonies to the transformative power of the gospel. In fact, 82% of Rooted participants increase their giving. This only happens when we create a safe environment for this type of learning and growth to take place. Rooted is that environment. 

I love hearing the stories of life change that occur when people begin or take a next step in their generosity journey! I’ve seen Rooted serve as a catalyst for generosity within local churches and experienced it within my own church. It’s incredible the change that happens when we create a safe environment for unpacking what can be a sensitive subject. 

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