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Rooted Network Discipleship Bundle
Rooted - Workbook
Rooted - Workbook Sale price$17.99
The Story of God - Workbook
Theology and the Mission of God - Workbook
The Image of God - Workbook + Teaching Videos
Rooted - Facilitator Guide
Rooted - Pilot Kit
Rooted - Pilot Kit Sale price$299.99
Rooted Essentials - Student Workbook
Rooted Affirmation Cards
Rooted Affirmation Cards Sale price$11.99
Rooted Cardboard Testimony Cards
Rooted Identity Bookmarks
Rooted Identity Bookmarks Sale price$11.99
Rooted Spanish - Workbook
Rooted Spanish - Workbook Sale price$15.99
Rooted Spanish - Facilitator Guide
The Story of God - Student Workbook
Theology and the Mission of God - Teaching Videos
On The Table - Workbook + Teaching Videos
Flourishing - Workbook + Teaching Videos
Life in Rhythm - Workbook
Life in Rhythm - Workbook Sale price$15.99
Life in Rhythm - Leader Guide
Life in Rhythm - Conversation Cards
Save $6.00
Story - Workbook
Story - Workbook Sale price$8.99 Regular price$14.99
Save $5.00
Story - Facilitator Guide
Story - Facilitator Guide Sale price$6.99 Regular price$11.99
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