You already know the spiritual rhythms that lead to life change. And you already know those rhythms must be practiced and lived out, not just learned. You’ve seen the description of the first church in Acts 2:42-47, likely many times, but are you consistently creating discipleship opportunities in your church with those truths in mind? 

Every resource produced for the Rooted Network teaches and reinforces the 7 rhythms of a disciple and provides intentional opportunities for groups to experience those rhythms together. Beginning with the Rooted Experience, these studies take what we know to be true about spiritual growth since the beginning of the Church and make it actionable and experiential today.

Below, you will find a link to register for What is Rooted?, a free webinar where you will learn what makes Rooted uniquely powerful as a tool for ancient discipleship in a modern world and how you can begin utilizing Rooted in your church. You will also find a link to download a free sample of the Rooted Workbook. We look forward to serving you and helping you bring a new plan for "old" discipleship to your congregation.


What is Rooted? is a free 1-hour webinar that will help you learn how to connect the people in your congregation to God, your church, and their purpose. Discover how to facilitate this connection in a rhythmic and experiential way through the implementation of the Rooted Experience.


The Rooted Workbook guides participants through the 10-week Rooted Experience, studying and experiencing the 7 rhythms of a disciple and challenging each person to step beyond their comfort zone as they follow Jesus.

Download a free sample of the Rooted Workbook.