Rooted - Pilot Kit

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The Rooted experience takes groups in the church on a 10-week journey of learning and practice. Groups learn foundational Christian beliefs and practice the 7 rhythms of discipleship from the New Testament. The experience challenges and inspires participants to step beyond their comfort zone as they follow Jesus.

Successfully launching a new discipleship plan requires unity among staff and key leaders. Walking through the 10-week Rooted experience in a pilot session provides a hands-on way to promote such unity. Leaders will personally encounter the transformational power of the Rooted experience, build unity moving forward, and prepare for launching Rooted church-wide.

Take the first step, elevate the church's vision of discipleship, and inspire change as the the Spirit transforms lives.

What's Included

  • 15 Rooted Workbooks: The foundation for each participants pilot session experience
  • 2 Rooted Facilitator Guides: An easy-to-follow companion for guiding discussion and experiences
  • Online Pilot Training Sessions: Gain valuable insights and knowledge throughout the pilot session

For a Successful Group Experience

Number of Sessions: 10

Video: None Available

Table of Contents