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Product and Resources

Rooted Network is a discipleship ministry partner, equipping leaders through training, resources, and storytelling. We exist to help the Church around the world facilitate life-changing experiences that propel people forward on their faith journey.

Rooted is a 10-week small-group discipleship resource that inspires questions, conversations, and experiences designed to connect people to God, the Church, and their purpose. Rooted positions your discipleship ministry for success by building community around essential beliefs and rhythms for life with Jesus. Designed to be facilitated through a local church or ministry, Rooted will energize existing groups as well as provide a pathway for new people to become connected. To learn more how Rooted can transform your small groups and church discipleship strategy, email Director of Network Partnerships, Jairus Williams at jwilliams@experiencerooted.com.

Rooted is facilitated through a local church or ministry in small groups of 10-15 people over ten weeks. Groups meet for approximately two hours each week for discussion and experiences centered around the workbook content completed between meetings.

For two of the weekly meetings, all groups gather together at the beginning of the two hours for teaching from the pastor on the following:

  • Kick Off (week 1)
  • Sacrificial Generosity (week 8) 

In addition to their weekly group meetings, groups will meet on three occasions to experience the following rhythms:

  • Prayer (between weeks 3 and 4 at best time for group)
  • Serve (between weeks 6 and 7 at best time for group)
  • Celebration (following week 10 with all groups together)

Email Director of Network Partnerships, Jairus Williams at jwilliams@experiencerooted.com to discuss how the schedule best aligns in your church context.

Rooted is a foundational resource that centers both existing and new small groups around 7 spiritual rhythms. 

Life in Rhythm is a small group resource for groups that have completed Rooted and desire to more deeply incorporate the 7 Rhythms of Rooted into work and family relationships.

Rooted is currently available in English and Spanish. An updated version of Rooted in Spanish and Mandarin will be available in Summer 2022.

The Rooted Workbook and Rooted Facilitator Guide are available as a webbook. The webbook is a read-only online format and is not available for download or editing. After the purchase is complete (purchase one per participant), the email associated with the order will receive a code to distribute to users for access. The code expires after 120 days.

Download a sample of the first two weeks of Rooted and share with other leaders who are involved in making a decision for your church. We also recommend attending the “What is Rooted?” webinar that is hosted monthly. The webinar gives an overview to the story behind Rooted and how Rooted works in your church or ministry context.

We do not currently have a Rooted version for kids but desire to provide resources in the future.

Rooted Essentials is designed for your student ministry. The product is consistent in experience, including the 7 Rhythms of Rooted, but is adjusted to 6-weeks according to common practices in youth ministry (vs 10-weeks for the adult version).

Rooted Essentials is designed to be an all-in-one workbook for both the student and the facilitator. There is not a separate facilitator guide.

All Rooted Network resources are copyrighted materials and cannot be modified or edited for any reason. We encourage churches who wish to emphasize language or doctrines specific to their contexts to do so within the in-person facilitation and discussion times.

All Rooted Network resources are copyrighted materials and cannot be modified or edited for any reason. We encourage churches who wish to emphasize language or doctrines specific to their contexts to do so within the in-person teaching and discussion times.

Training and Coaching

We offer free coaching to all churches who implement the Rooted experience. 

We offer a variety of training events throughout the year:


  • What Is Rooted?: Receive an introduction to Rooted and how the resource fits into the local church (free of charge virtual event).
  • Learning Communities: Engage with topic and resource focused training (free of charge virtual event).
  • Prepare to Pilot: Learn the purpose for piloting Rooted, who to invite, plus best practices and pitfalls that will make the best use of your church pilot experience (free of charge virtual event). 
  • Pilot Cohort: While journeying through the pilot experience, walk alongside our Director of Partnerships and other churches to enhance your learnings. Participate in four timely coaching cohort sessions and experience a live Rooted Celebration to enhance your learning (fee per church virtual event).
  • Launch Intensive: Help your church prepare to launch <em> Rooted</em> in your specific context over this two-day intensive training (fee per participant for virtual and in-person events).

Piloting is a chance to walk through the Rooted experience with leaders in your church. The pilot will:

    • Create ownership and understanding of Rooted among key leaders in your church
    • Train future facilitators before a church-wide launch
    • Help you and your team experience what God will do through Rooted and how it could work in your context

While churches are not required to facilitate a pilot, we highly recommend it. Churches who facilitate a pilot group typically have greater success in launching and sustaining Rooted for long-term impact.


Rooted is structured to be facilitated in groups and through the local church. Therefore, we ask that participants contact their church administrator or church Rooted contact to receive a copy of Rooted resources.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. We do not accept American Express.

We offer billing options for churches whose order totals over $5,000. If an order qualifies, email Customer Service at contact@experiencerooted.com to set up account billing.

For churches placing a first-time order, place your order as is, including the tax. After placing the order, email the order number and tax exempt certificate to contact@experiencerooted.com. Rooted Network will refund the taxes paid back to the method of payment. The refund will appear within  7-10 business days. All future orders placed under the account will receive tax exemption. 

Rooted Network has a limited return policy and not all returns are guaranteed. Therefore, plan and order according to need.


  • A return request must be made within 30 days of the purchase by emailing Customer Service at contact@experiencerooted.com.
  • All return requests must have an accompanying order number.
  • The customer is responsible for paying the return shipping cost, unless, at the discretion of Rooted Network, a qualifying event determines otherwise. Original shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • Returns are only accepted via FedEx or UPS. Returns received via other shipping couriers will not be processed and a refund will not be issued.

Due to the nature of  normal orders with Rooted Network being bulk orders the listed price is for all orders.

We always recommend ordering the number of resources needed per session. We do our best to announce edits and updates ahead of time, but updates are not a regular occurrence. Therefore, resources are not obsolete within six months. Past edits and updates have not altered the overall experience for Rooted users. Ordering session by session ensures you have what you need for your participants.


Shipping rates are calculated based on weight and final destination of package(s) in relation to the fulfillment center in Orange County, CA.

We are not able to discount shipping rates.

Orders originate from Orange County, CA, and delivery is 10-14 days. We recommend ordering 2-3 weeks before needing to distribute Rooted resources.

An email from our fulfillment center will be sent when the order is received at the fulfillment center within two business days of a customer placing an order. A second email from the same sender will be sent with tracking information once the order is shipped within five business days of a customer placing an order. Check your spam folder if you have not received these confirmations and updates. Look for emails from the following:

    • From name: External
    • Email: custserv@rrd.com

For additional questions regarding tracking information, email contact@experiencerooted.com.  


 Currently, we do not offer international shipping but are working to offer this option. However, we do offer the Rooted Webbook for international churches.

Take a picture of the box the order came in and the damaged books. Email contact@experiencerooted.com with the order number and photos. Rooted Network will ship replacement books as soon  as possible.

We require a signature on delivery so we can insure the order. If something happens in transit or delivery, the signature allows Rooted Network to open a ticket with the courier to replace the damaged or missing resources.

Account Management

Accounts are created during the checkout process at the time of the first order.

Log in at experiencerooted.com and select “My Account” in the top right navigation to update the email and password. To update billing and shipping addresses, select “My Addresses” in the top right navigation.

Email contact@experiencerooted.com with church name, current name on the account, and the desired new account information. Rooted Network will update the account and respond when completed.

We encourage all orders from a church to process through a central account to help the church maintain a centralized order history, apply tax exemption, and allow Rooted Network to most effectively serve each church.


Promotional videos for customer use are available on the Rooted Network Vimeo account.

The Rooted logo and other resources are available for download by logging in at experiencerooted.com, selecting “My Portal” in the top right navigation, and clicking “Free Resources.” The graphics are copyrighted and therefore, items with the logo cannot be sold.

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