Rooted Network Discipleship Bundle


The Rooted Network Discipleship Bundle is the best way to see how Rooted Network resources offer a clear pathway for discipleship in your church. Save 25% by buying the bundle vs each product individually.

All of our resources, beginning with the Rooted experience, incorporate the 7 Rhythms of discipleship essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus, along with intentional learning experiences that help groups live out these rhythms together. The Bundle includes full versions of core resources created in the local church for the local church. Each one fits into a simple-yet-proven plan for making disciples to help your church form and launch new groups, strengthen and rejuvenate existing groups, teach spiritual disciplines, and cultivate memorable experiences. 

Resources included in the bundle: (1 copy of each)

Rooted Workbook
Rooted Facilitator Guide
Rooted Identity Bookmarks
Rooted Affirmation Cards
Rooted Cardboard Testimony Cards

Theology and the Mission of God Workbook
Theology and the Mission of God DVD

Life in Rhythm Workbook
Life in Rhythm Leader Guide
Life in Rhythm Conversation Cards

See below for more information on each resource in the bundle.

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Rooted Workbook a 10-week, group-discipleship resource that introduces participants to foundational Christian beliefs and the 7 Rhythms of discipleship found in the New Testament, while providing experiential learning opportunities that challenge them to step outside their comfort zones and live out their faith. The workbook includes five devotional readings for each week and prompts for personal reflection after each learning experience.

Rooted Facilitator Guide instructions for leading the group discussions and learning experiences, as well as practical tips for group dynamics and more.

Rooted Identity Bookmarks During week 5 of Rooted, participants are led through a “strongholds” experience. An important part of this time is recognizing and embracing biblical truth that contradicts the lies they may have believed. Facilitators are encouraged to hand out the Rooted Identity Bookmark and pray the truths it shares from God’s Word over each of their group members. The bookmark can also be an ongoing resource for the participant as they continue to pray against the strongholds and struggles in their life.

Rooted Affirmation Cards During the final Rooted session, each group member is affirmed by their facilitator and fellow group members—sharing what they have seen in them over the course of the 10 weeks and how God is working in their life. Rooted Affirmation Cards are used to record all that is shared during this special moment and as a tool the participant can hold onto for future encouragement.

Rooted Cardboard Testimony Cards During week 9 of the Rooted experience, facilitators lead their group to reflect back on their 10-week journey by asking them to write two or three words about where they were when they began Rooted and where God has brought them. Distribute these cards to your facilitators to help them record what God has done in their Rooted groups. Once facilitators collect the information, use these cards to form your cardboard testimonies for your Rooted celebration.


Theology and the Mission of God Workbook an 8-week, group-discipleship experience focused on the study and application of core doctrines of the Christian faith.

Theology and the Mission of God DVD — Essential video teaching is watched during the group experience or watched by leaders in advance as preparation for teaching the group themselves.


Life In Rhythm Workbook — essential for each group participant as they explore what it means to integrate the 7 Rhythms of a Disciple into the two spheres in which we spend most of our lives – work and relationships

Life In Rhythm Leader Guide —  essential for each group leader as they guide the group to explore, discuss and live out God’s design for work and family. It is a tool to help the group integrate Rooted 7 Rhythms into their group life beyond the Rooted experience.

Life in Rhythm Conversation Cards — A simple-but-powerful tool to help your small group build connection, the card deck cultivates curiosity and inspires interactive discussions. Covering the topics of work, family, life, and faith, these prompts pair well with our Life in Rhythm resource or they can be used independently.

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