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The Life In Rhythm Workbook is essential for each group participant as they explore what it means to integrate the 7 Rhythms of a Disciple into the two spheres in which we spend most of our lives – work and relationships

Order a Workbook for each participant and Leader Guide for each leader.

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A ten-week small group experience designed to help individuals integrate the 7 Rhythms of a Disciple into the two spheres in which we spend most of our lives – work and relationships.


  • Follow-up product for Rooted groups that become small groups
  • Follows the Rooted framework
    • 10 weeks
    • 7 Rhythms
    • 5 devotionals per week + daily reflection questions
    • 4 personal exercises (new)
    • 3 risk experiences (2 Prayer, 1 Serve)
    • 1 breaking strongholds 
  • Accompanying Leader Guide

Content Flow

Weeks 1-5 weeks focus on work and Weeks 6-10 focus on relationships – this was intentional to allow people to warm up in their group around a topic that is more public (work) before we get to a more personal conversation around family background and ongoing relationships.

Week 1 | Setting the Table/Intro
Week 2 | God’s Design For Work
Week 3 | Broken and Restored
Week 4 | Why We Work + Giving Adventure, Work Mission Statement, Work Prayer Experience
Week 5 | Rest
Week 6 | God’s Design for Relationships + Serve Experience
Week 7 | How to Live In Loving Relationships
Week 8 | Relational Wounds
Week 9 | Relational Values + My 5 Relational Values, Home Prayer Experience
Week 10 | Relational Discipleship + Celebration: Story Guide


  • Life in Rhythm is a great follow up to Rooted, but it is not intended to be hosted in the same way or for the same purpose as Rooted.
  • Ideal (but not exclusively) for married couples, Life in Rhythm has been updated to include a broader scope of relationships for people in various life stages.
  • We recommend that small groups who have already been through Rooted go through Life In Rhythm to build on the foundation laid by Rooted of open conversation, practicing the 7 Rhythms, and risk-based experiential discipleship. 
  • No corporate experiences—everything is done within the small group. A church could create corporate gatherings if they wanted, but we tried to make this as easy as possible to hand to a small group leader and empower them to lead.
  • Additional personal exercises to help individuals prepare for risk experiences
    • Giving Adventure is a personal exercise and commitment to giving above and beyond what you’ve planned/expected and asking God how He wants you to steward what He has provided for you in these next three months
    • Fill out your Work Mission Statement before your Work Prayer Experience so you can pray those into your work
    • Fill out My 5 Family Values before your Family Prayer Experience so you can pray those over your home

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