Rooted Mentioned as One of Seven Church Practices to Watch in 2022

Number 7

Thom S. Rainer, Founder & CEO of Church Answers, mentioned Rooted and our small group curriculum as #1 on a list of things gaining momentum and attention heading into the new year. The following is an excerpt from the December 27, 2021 blog post: “Seven Church Practices We Will Be Following in 2022.”

I recently shared my annual trends report for churches as we head into 2022. In this article, I look at seven church practices that may emerge into major trends. With each church practice, I provide you with a link or an example if you desire to dig more deeply. Some of these resources are provided by partners we have invited to join us at Church Answers.

1. Is small group curriculum on a rebound? This practice is led largely by the huge response we see taking place with the Rooted curriculum. Will this rebound expand into other curriculum lines, or is it largely about Rooted?

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