Sneak Peek at 2022: Resource, Equip, Inspire

Sneak Peek at 2022: Resource, Equip, Inspire

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Rooted Network is excited to announce new ways that we are partnering with disciple makers in 2022 and beyond! We’ve been busy behind the scenes preparing to resource, equip, and inspire you in your discipleship ministry. Those three words are the first hint at what’s ahead—resource, equip, and inspire.

Maybe you made it through Christmas and have grown past the age of sneaking a peek at your gifts, but we just can’t wait to give you some hints about what’s in store for this new year. Keep your eyes and ears open for…

  • this new blog
  • a new podcast
  • brand new products
  • refreshed social media
  • new partnerships
  • new events
  • and more

…all for the purpose of healthy, thriving churches who make disciples that truly follow Jesus.


For nearly 10 years, Rooted has been an increasingly trusted resource for connecting people with God, the Church, and their purpose. In recent years, new resources like Rooted Essentials: High School Edition and Life in Rhythm have been introduced. This year, among other things, we begin rolling out brand new small group material and updated translations of existing material. New workbooks, videos, tools, and experiences will resource local churches to make disciples.


Training and sharing best practices have always been foundational to the Rooted experience. In-person and online events are ramping up in 2022. Hub churches around the United States are being identified for fresh opportunities for connection and learning. Current and curious church leaders can schedule time with a coach to discuss Rooted and discipleship strategies in your own context. We’ve launched this new blog and (cue the drumroll sound effects) we’ve begun recording a new podcast with practical conversations on leading and making disciples.


Gospel movements are storytelling movements. They’re story-making movements. When lives are transformed by the Good News of Jesus Christ those stories are worth sharing with the world! Rooted Network wants to be sure that you are not only well-equipped with best practices and well-resourced with biblical truth, but that we all benefit from one another’s stories. The global Church is a beautiful family of faith with much to learn from one other. We’ll continue sharing stories in our resources, this site, and our relaunched social media accounts. We love to hear and share your stories, so let us know what God is doing!

Let’s make more disciples!

The goal for every church in the Rooted Network is to be a healthy, thriving church by making disciples that truly follow Jesus. You have a God-given mission. We’re here to resource, equip, and inspire you to fulfill that mission.

Connect with us on social, sign up for the newsletter, and keep an eye on this blog to stay up to date on all the new things coming in 2022.

Jeremy Maxfield is Director of Content for Rooted Network. He lives in Chattanooga, TN.

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