4 Easter Prayers for Church Leaders

As a church leader during the biggest church week of the year, it's possible you are stressed, excited, busy, hopeful, overwhelmed, or all of the above. This week has likely been full of plans and pivots for the weekend, in the midst of the normal pains and problems in the lives of your people. 

But as you reflect on the cross today, and as you look with joy toward Easter Sunday, be reminded that you are not alone in either your frustrations or your wins. There are other leaders, like you, all over the globe, who are praying for the beauty of the resurrection to make a difference in the lives of people this weekend. 

Because the Rooted Network is a collection of church leaders, served by church leaders, here are a few things we can be praying for one another as we prepare to celebrate Easter. 

  • Father, we pray that You will save people this weekend. Please draw sons and daughters to Yourself through our ministries and let them see the beauty and power of Jesus.

  • Lord, we want You to be worshiped this weekend in all of our churches. Help us, and our fellow leaders, to point people to Your grace. Allow our own hearts to love You and experience the full joy of our own salvation, even as we lead others. 

  • We pray for peace for pastors and their families. As our fellow church leaders give so much, please bless them and their families with unity, love, and comfort in You.

  • And we pray that on Monday morning, whether it was an exciting or frustrating weekend, that we will all remember and feel Your love for us in Jesus. Remind us that our ministry doesn't change how You feel about us and that You love us fully and forever, no matter what. We ask that our brothers and sisters in ministry will rest in Your goodness on Monday morning. 

We are praying with you. Happy Easter. 

The Rooted Network

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