The Rhythm of Daily Devotion

The Rhythm of Daily Devotion

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to the fellowship…every day they devoted themselves to meeting together in the temple…” – Acts 2:42 & 46

We believe spending time in the Word of God changes us and that through it, God equips us with all we need to learn about Him and live a life pleasing to Him (2 Timothy 3:16–17). The rhythm of Daily Devotion impacts every other rhythm—it changes how we love, how we give, and how we serve. Through it, we learn the voice of God so we can hear Him when we pray and respond with repentance when He convicts. Because of our conviction about the influence of Daily Devotion, we desire to get every Rooted participant in the Word of God, aiming to establish a daily rhythm of reading, meditating on, and applying what He says.

In the beginning of Acts 2, we see Peter present the gospel to those gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost and 3,000 people coming to faith. As the church grew, they gathered together daily and devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching. There was a genuine desire to learn from the apostles more about who Jesus was and what He taught. The truth of the gospel transformed how they lived and viewed their lives.

Because we’ve seen the power of God to transform through His Word, the 10-week Rooted experience points each participant to scripture through Daily Devotions. Each week has five days of devotions and each day has Daily Response questions, giving the participant an opportunity to respond to the work God is doing in their hearts. We want participants to go beyond doing their daily work and develop a habit of daily connection with God.

We join a long tradition, tracing back to the church in Acts 2, when we devote ourselves to Scripture. And, like the early church, our lives will be transformed by the teachings of Christ. As we integrate the rhythm of Daily Devotion into our lives, we experience Jesus. As God’s Word fills us up, the life-changing power of the gospel will overflow into the world around us.

Jessica Ludwig is the Marketing Manager at Rooted Network. She loves people and her favorite activities include cooking for and hosting friends and family, sharing about the redemptive work of Jesus in her life, and encouraging others on their faith journey. She studied the Bible at Calvary Chapel Bible College before stepping into full-time ministry. She is married to Nathan and lives in Southern California.

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