The Rhythm of Worship

The Rhythm of Worship

“They ate their food with joyful and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.” – Acts 2:46-47

As children of God, it is important to consistently set aside time to remember what God has done, to thank Him for it, and to put Him on display as we give Him the glory. In all circumstances, we are called to practice God-centered worship.

Acts 2 ends with the early church “praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people (vs. 46). Keeping their focus and worship on God and what He had done, the Lord continued to add to the church daily.

We believe that every aspect of these 7 Rhythms are ways we worship God. One of the ways we worship is by marking a moment, remembering God’s goodness, and celebrating together. This is vital to any Christian community, so we want to be intentional to set aside time to prayerfully reflect and celebrate together. As a ministry leader, ask yourself: “How am I making room for celebration in response to specific ways God has moved in people’s lives?

Worship and Celebration in Rooted

Rooted helps churches establish this practice as part of the ongoing rhythm for biblical community among small groups and church members. At the end of the 10-week journey of Rooted, we celebrate what God has done in a few ways. On the final night gathered as groups, each facilitator will lead their group through communion and a time of prayer. As Rooted wraps up in the last session, our desire is for each participant to be prayed for, embracing who God says they are, recognizing what God has done in their life, and growing in the understanding of their purpose.

We then gather all Rooted groups together for a big celebration. We celebrate by worshiping through singing, cardboard testimonies, and offering an opportunity to say “I believe” and be baptized. We desire to create a moment that each participant can look back on as a memorial stone (Joshua 4:7), remembering all God has done in their life. We desire for each one to finish Rooted empowered in their community, calling, and commission, while bringing God-centered worship into every aspect of their life.

Jessica Ludwig is the Marketing Manager at Rooted Network. She loves people and her favorite activities include cooking for and hosting friends and family, sharing about the redemptive work of Jesus in her life, and encouraging others on their faith journey. She studied the Bible at Calvary Chapel Bible College before stepping into full-time ministry 13 years ago. She is married to Nathan and lives in Southern California.

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