Rooted Facilitator Guide


The Rooted facilitator guide includes detailed instructions for leading weekly discussions, workbook review questions, practical tips for group dynamics, planned experiences, and more.

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(Each group member will need a Rooted Workbook. Group leaders also need the Rooted Facilitator Guide. Ministry leaders can download additional materials for hosting Rooted.)

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Each week of the facilitator guide includes a check-list, prayer points, a break-down of the weekly meeting time, and various questions to stimulate conversation.

This is meant to be paired with the Rooted Workbook.


Table of Contents

The Rooted Journey

Facilitator’s Role and Responsibilities

The 7 Rhythms of Rooted

Tips for Leading a Rooted Group

Leading Different Personalities

Week 1: What is Rooted?

Week 2: Who is God?

Week 3: How Does God Speak to Us?

Week 4: Where is God in the Midst of Suffering?

Week 5: There is an Enemy

Week 6: How Can I Make the Most of My Life? Part 1

Week 7: How Can I Make the Most of My Life? Part 2

Week 8: How Does God View Money?

Week 9: Why and How Should I Tell Others?

Week 10: Why is the Church Important?


    • Icebreakers
    • Notes on the Holy Spirit
    • Notes on Fasting
    • Additional Prayer Experience Model
    • Notes on Strongholds
    • Spiritual Gifts Assessments
    • Neighbor Graphic
    • Notes on Sharing Your Story
    • What People are Really Thinking When They Invite You to Church
    • Notes on Prayer of Blessing


3.0 Update

Two of the “7 Rhythms” have been updated to better express healthy rhythms of discipleship the Church is called to practice. The “7 Rhythms” now better reflect the description of the church in Acts 2.

Freedom from Strongholds is now REPENTANCE (Acts 2:37-39). Here’s why:

  • We believe we don’t actually practice freedom from strongholds – it’s a gift given by God and received by people when we repent
  • Repentance encompasses confession, surrender, turning away from sin to the freedom and life Jesus offers.
  • Followers of Jesus are called, specifically, to practice this rhythm throughout the Bible.

Celebration is now WORSHIP (Acts 2:26-28, 46-47). Here’s why:

  • We want to call people to a broader rhythm of “worship” in all circumstances of their lives.
  • Celebration is one expression of worship – you can worship with a glad and sincere heart. You can also worship in times of mourning, pain, and suffering.
  • The focus of celebration can be on both people and God. While this is great as a Rooted event, we want to direct people to God-centered worship as a rhythm in daily life.

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